Democracy in Polytheism

One-god dictatorship

The religious analogue of democracy is polytheism. The political analogue of abstract monotheism is dogmatic totalitarianism. Democracy pertains to polytheism as authoritarianism pertains to monotheism. The totalitarianism and dogmatism of monotheism are proportional to the abstractedness of the deity it worships. Yet it is proportional to the suppression used for its establishment.

Divination and religion will never die out because man is small and the world is not entirely cognizable. Yet, each institutionalized faith is more or less dogmatic because belief is a matter of persuasion and hence of regulation and suppression. But the religion that indoctrinates its faith by physical manipulations is by necessity inhumane, dictatorial and antidemocratic.

Among the monotheistic Abrahamic religions Christianity is the closest to polytheism and democracy because its god has three faces (trinity) and is somewhat more concrete than the super abstract Judaic and Islamic gods.[i] Christianity is a certain devolution of monotheism and has a potential for decentralization.

Yet, Christianity is less sexually suppressive because it does not resort to physical reduction of erogenous sensitivity. It indoctrinates its belief without using bodily modification. Modern Christianity relies mainly on psychological methods to repress sexual desires. It does not encroach on body integrity and is less coercive and restrictive than both Judaism and Islam.

For those reasons Christian religion has a greater potential for evolution. It is less dogmatic and is more permissive to reforms than Judaism and Islam. Christianity is more tolerant of democracy than the other Abrahamic religions. Still, like any monotheistic and institutionalized religion it is far from having democratic nature. The true religious analogy of democracy is polytheism and not Christianity.

Perhaps Christianity is the most progressive Abrahamic religion. But it is also less brutal and less fanatical. Therefore its discipline is weaker and its fighting spirits are lower than those of Islam and Judaism. The progressiveness of a religion enervates it.

Democracy is unnatural to circumcising nations

Freedom of faiths is incompatible with monotheism. Freedom of thought is incompatible with institutionalized religions because they are totalitarian and dogmatic. Totalitarian and religious forms of government are hostile to pluralism. Autocratic state systems based on physically induced disposition to religiousness and docility are antagonistic to democracy. The conservatism of circumcising monotheism is intrinsic and unshakeable because it is physiologically implanted. The normal social system for societies practicing mass traditional pedocircumcision is theocracy or religious autocracy.

Democracy feels uncomfortable in monotheistic temples especially in those of circumcising religions. It is hostile to Judaism and Islam as long as they enforce mass pedocircumcision. Democracy remains outside the threshold of religious Jews and Muslims. Democratic form of government is unnatural and inapplicable to Islamic countries.

In mixed societies the circumcising groups tend to form a conservative core. Although they may pretend to pursue democratic ideals their religious interests are inevitably ethnocentric and conservative and run contrary to democracy. For instance, the Jewish lobby in the United States ethnocentrically backs Israel under the mask of supporting democracy. But democracy in its full form is inappropriate to closed circumcising societies. Neither does it effectively penetrate and operate Judaic ethnoses in western countries. Actually the Jewish lobby supports Judaism and therefore neonatal circumcision altogether.

The mental effects of pedocircumcision are subconscious formative factors of the circumcising ethnoses and religions. The antidemocratic deeds of circumcision ethnoses are rather instinctual and are not necessarily intentionally malevolent.

Pedocircumcision centralizes the divine power

The ancient religions deified natural phenomena including those that were synchronized with or influenced by the movement of celestial bodies. Ancients were closer to concrete reality and nature. Their gods were visible and accessible to everyone. Judaism introduced abstract monotheism and rendered god invisible and untouchable. Judaism and later Islam fostered abstract reasoning by enforcing mass pedocircumcision. Abrahamic religions replaced the more or less concrete specialized gods with an unobservable nonconcrete sexually oppressive almighty. This distanced people from nature, from self-knowledge and from their own sexuality.

Although the gods of ancient polytheistic religions were supernatural in the sense that they were mightier than people and their nature was unknown there was a two-directional causality. Gods’ actions had certain effects on humans and sometimes even the opposite – in ancient mythologies brave humans happened to challenge gods and to make them change their will. People could beg polytheistic gods and obtain something by prayer from them and gods could change their minds from time to time.

In polytheism there is two-directional interaction between deities and folks. They coexist but gods have more rights and freedoms than humans. Polytheism resembles a parliamentary (or a constitutional) monarchy in which the supreme deity does not control everything.

Abstract monotheism disconnected people and god from nature. It rendered god totally autocratic, unchangeable and dogmatic. Believers of abstract monotheisms become merely implements of the uncriticizable will of a single conservative god. Monotheism robbed people from free will and civil rights. Its totalitarian nature enslaved people.

During the course of history multifaceted polytheism has degenerated into abstract monotheism. The centralization of the divine power is accompanied by simplification of religious mythology, by generalization of reasoning, by analogous centralization of the religious institution and by psychosexual suppression. Pedocircumcision intimately relates to all of these factors of transition to monotheism because it is a sexual suppression that causes emotional dissatisfaction, disposes thinking to abstractions and fills with expectancy and awe.

Modern authority-seeking

Basically, both communists and Nazis fabricated their own mythologies and falsified the past with the help of their biased sciences. Those retrograde ideologies utilized the ethnocentric and autocratic aptitudes created by the Abrahamic religions. Both communism and Nazism inherited the conservatism, xenophobia, racialism, anti-sex morals, dogmatism, father-fearing and authoritarianism from Judaism and its branches. It was the religious mythologization, authority-seeking and sex suppression that carried out these regimes. They only renamed the religious racism and elevated it to a new technical level without altering its nature.

Communism and Nazism inherited their racism of Abrahamic religions but redirected it toward social classes or genetic lines and pushed it to the extreme. They unscrupulously used the available modern philosophy and technology to satisfy their ethnocentrism, be it class chauvinism or racialism, and established their totalitarian regimes with unprecedented rash, cruelty and cynicism.

Communists and Nazis knew that poverty and fear go hand in hand with obedience. They knew well that physical restriction leads to mental hunger and tractability. This knowledge is not their achievement but was exploited by Abrahamics from times immemorial. Communism and Nazism are modern variants of ancient theocracies. They may appear or pretend to be progressive only because they emerged in times of advanced democracy, culture and technology.

The 20th century repressive political systems sprouted from abstract monotheism. The modern totalitarian regimes copy the theocratic style of government with a megalomania allowed by modernity and overpopulation.

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