Masturbation certainly played a telling role in human evolution. Undoubtedly it enriched sensitivity of the hand and genitalia and, if you pardon the pun, lent a helping hand to the enlargement of the brain. Sexual self-gratification therefore helped develop a capacity for thinking and self-consciousness. Reasoning and sexuality in this sense coevolved and overdeveloped. Autoeroticism had a unique contribution to the refinement of sensitivity and subsequently to the advent of humaneness.

The foreskin holds about 75% of penile sensitivity. It is densely populated with receptors and engages a large region of the brain. Its removal frees substantial brain potential and triggers a cortical reorganization that tends to reutilize that part of the brain, thereby significantly transforming how the mind functions.

The suppression of natural sexual gratification leads to various kinds of substitute gratifications.
Wilhelm Reich
Circumcision eliminates a great part of sexual sensitivity. It causes an informational gap in perception of pleasure. The insufficient sensory input stimulates abstract reasoning while the reduction of the pleasure energizes and intensifies it. As a result pedocircumcision causes a predisposition towards development of devoted idealization in adults. It favours piety, religiousness and urges the perfection of other compensatory faculties. It enforces an artificial intellectual advance consistent with the experience and environment.

Circumcision generates a deficiency of sexual gratification and induces a psychological complex that attempts to make up for it. The compensations of the Circumcision complex are diverse. Their profoundness depends on the age at which circumcision is performed, on its degree and on experience. They range from sexual or general possessiveness to interest in impalpable reality that can sublimate in different levels of conceptual reasoning such as religion, morals, philosophy, science and art.

Such endeavours can of course be very positive for the individual and for society, but there are profound implications inherent in the elimination of sensitivity and detachment from reality. Abstract reasoning is inadequate in much the same way as oversimplification is inaccurate and fabricates prejudice. Circumcision draws the mind away from its natural course and toward simplified generalizations that substitute for the lost pleasure. The Circumcision complex moralizes and encourages bias and segregation. The mental effects of circumcision reinforce the distinctions and identity boundaries of the circumcising groups. By suppressing sexual sensitivity, circumcision impedes human evolution as far as the latter correlates with the natural development of the brain.

Circumcision subdues the most carnal part of sensuality and sublimates it into other activities. The redirection of sexual impulse inevitably has diverse effects on mentality. The Circumcision complex therefore redirects powerful sexual energy. Its compensatory intellectual mechanisms replace pleasure and are obsessive. For that reason circumcision has tended to facilitate the levels of religious devotion that have proved pivotal for the Abrahamic religions that impose it. By removing significant levels of sexual pleasure from individuals, circumcision serves to fortify the foundations of circumcising churches and societies.

A cultivated nature is a suppressed nature. The Circumcision complex conceptualizes pleasure. It redirects mighty sexual impulses and creates sexual frustrations. An unsupportive environment can easily reveal their explosive potential.

General aspects of the Circumcision Complex

General aspects of the Circumcision Complex

The Circumcision complex disseminates those sexual cravings, now rendered insatiable, throughout the mind. It simulates the satisfaction of that bodily hunger by transforming it into believable concepts. It troubles the spirit and generates unappeasable mental passions. It makes people restless, insecure, introverted, inferring, conjecturing, detached, timid, authority-seeking, reliant, apprehensive, god-fearing, devoted, idealizing, pious, penetrating, over-intellectual, over-productive and zealous in their pursuits, but yet never satisfied with the results. It opens the mind’s eye for abstract realms but the spiritual eye is colour-blind to some of the more delicate nuances of reality. Even a mild daltonism, however, makes bomb defusers potential terrorists.

The Circumcision complex alienates people from nature and from each other. Generally, it makes them intense and tints their cravings with fatalism. For better or worse, circumcision inclines people to extremes. Outwardly, sheepishness and aggressiveness or piety and self-indulgence have nothing in common but may stem from the same internal restlessness and insecurity.

The divergence in the long-term psychological effects of circumcision veils and furtively empowers them.

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  1. Keith Rutter says:

    I want to see the day when underage genital cutting is dumped into the garbage can of history, then I can die happy.

  2. Terry Snyman says:

    I have first hand experienses in the wonderful, natural way in which masturbation with my foreskin
    allows me to feel relaxed and complete…even when i decide not to ejaculate, but use it as a re-assuranse of my wholeness, health and self-appreciation…by just enjoying the fantastic sensations it provides my entire body…the BEST way to start each day !!!

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