The Jewish Conspiracy


That men and women who supposedly love their sons refuse to examine and stop this barbaric practice strongly suggests that something powerfully strange is going on here that is obscured by a conspiracy of silence.
Sam Keen, Fire in the Belly

A few friends warned us not to waste time on this website because Jews who control all the information would not like it. We didn’t believe any part of those claims. We decided to put their thesis to test and chose to continue wasting our time. So if you are now accessing this website, as you seem to be, you can decide on your own on the allegation that Jewish conspiracy exists.

The availability of this site proves that Jews do not control internet. Of course the fans of the Jewish conspiracy may think that it pretends non-existence by tolerating this site. However, the project is starving and barely manages to pay its hosting service. This proves nothing except that suspicion is invincible as Jewish conspiracy itself.

But one way or another be watchful now because below the Jewish conspiracy is uncovered. Yet, it will be suggested how it can be disarmed.

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