• Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals
  • Goal
  • Aims and Objectives of Traditional Pedocircumcision
  • What Circumcision Is Certainly Not
  • Is Circumcision All it’s Cut out to Be?
  • What Circumcision Imitates
  • Aposthic apostles
  • Mutation or mutilation
  • A functioning imitation
  • Virtual reality of the pre-computer age
  • What Circumcision Certainly Is
  • Religious immunity
  • Irrational character of substantive human rights
  • Politics over mind
  • Preview: The Dark Sides of Pedocircumcision
  • Erogenous deficiency effects overview
  • The Bright and Dark Sides of Pedocircumcision
  • Beware
  • Beware the Abstract Reasoning
  • Beware the Abstract Reasoning
  • The Mesmerizing Simplicity of Abstractions
  • Unlearning
  • Oversimplification is unprincipledness
  • Cerebral Mirror Images
  • The hypnotic symmetry in abstractions
  • Man-polarized reality
  • The Violence in Abstractions
  • Modern Reincarnations of an Ancient Deity
  • The Omnipotent Sex-God
  • The Atheistic Macho-Religion
  • Freudian psychology as an atheistic religion
  • The internal paradise of psychoanalysis
  • An obsessional neurosis lacks reflection in the mirror
  • The Omnipresent Space-Matter Entity
  • Relative Quantum Counterfeits
  • The purely intellectual aethers of relativities
  • And the aether drift was drifted away
  • Oily quanta
  • The Unprincipled Principles
  • The Unprincipled Principles
  • What the theories of Freud and Einstein have in common?
  • The Depersonalizing Philosophies
  • The authoritarianism of monotheism, Marxism and Freudianism
  • The Slowed March of Rational Knowledge
  • Religious estrangement
  • Religious Moral in Science
  • The God in Isms
  • The God in Isms
  • The Phantom Prepuce Utopianism
  • The Tyranny of Faiths
  • Despotism of utopias
  • Arrogance of faiths
  • Enslaving wisdoms
  • Abstract Theories Normality Test
  • Does Pedocircumcision Devalue Nobel Prize?
  • The Chronic Armageddon
  • Foreskin Semantics
  • Literal versus symbolic
  • Law blinded by religion
  • Apropos
  • Addressing to Uncircumcised and Denaturalized
  • Freedom of Choice?
  • Freedom of Choice?
  • Help from the Official Medicine
  • The Bias Intended for Circumcised Doctors
  • Health Arguments of Circumcision
  • Medical Arguments for Circumcision
  • UTI/Phimosis/Prevention of natural complications/Sand arguments
  • Hygienic arguments for Circumcision
  • Beneficial infections
  • Unhygienic translations
  • Moral sanitation arguments: the fear of the self
  • AIDS Arguments for Circumcision: The Return of the Original Sin
  • Paying ignorance/Brothers-in-scalpels/A faith-made disease
  • Smell Arguments for Circumcision: Advices of Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Advice on Unhealthy Lifestyle
  • Human pheromones
  • Divine Sanitary Providence Arguments for Circumcision
  • Circumcision as an Aphrodisiac
  • Circumcision as an Aphrodisiac
  • Reports of increased sexual sensation in circumcised
  • Circumcision Promises Sexual Promiscuity
  • Erogenous Desensitisation and Sexual Frustration Increase Lasciviousness
  • Deficient erogenous sensitivity is interpretable as increased sexual pleasure
  • Sexual frustration is interpretable as increased sexual pleasure
  • Unslakable Thirst Markets the Desert
  • Foreskin and Foreplay
  • The unique quality of the foreskin sensation
  • Preputial reasoning
  • Cortical Reorganization Following Loss of Sensitivity
  • Principal Mechanism
  • Plasticity of the nervous system
  • The somatosensory system and the interpreting system
  • Principal mechanism of the cortical reorganization following loss of receptors
  • Summary
  • Effects of the Cortical Reorganization Following Loss of Sensitivity on Perception and Reasoning
  • The loss or receptors changes the mode of associative reasoning
  • The replacement of the lost sensitivity falsifies the perception
  • Abstractions write the storyline while associations decorate the stage in a convincing style
  • Summary
  • Psychological Effects of the Cortical Reorganization
  • How does cortical reorganization feel from inside?
  • The lost sensitivity is only implicit
  • Loss of sensitivity triggers a psychological complex
  • Attachment to compensations
  • The compensations lack self-regulation
  • Loss of pleasure receptors maximizes obsessiveness of compensations
  • Dispersal and masking of the compensations
  • Loss of identical pleasure receptors produces strong collectivism
  • Summary: the loss of sensitivity induces a psychological complex
  • Effects of Circumcision
  • Physiological Effects of Circumcision
  • Local Effects of Circumcision
  • Complications of Circumcision
  • What goes with it? What sensations are cut off with the prepuce?
  • Phantom foreskin?
  • An extrasensory tentacle?
  • Neurophysiological Effects of Circumcision
  • Sensory homunculus
  • Toward a sexually emancipated sensory homunculus
  • Toward an Emotionally Authentic Homunculus
  • An emotionalized homunculus?
  • Psychological Effects of Circumcision
  • Currently Acknowledged Psychological Effects of Circumcision
  • The Circumcision Complex
  • Obsessions with the impalpable pleasure
  • The compensations of the Circumcision Complex: principal characteristics
  • The wide spectrum of compensations
  • Summary
  • The Age of Circumcision and Character of Its Psychological Compensations
  • An organ of pleasure
  • How the consequences of circumcision are experienced depending on age it is performed
  • Summary
  • The Age of Circumcision and Sexual Ingredient of the Devotedness It Induces
  • Unjustified Sexual Basis of Oedipus Complex and Castration Anxiety
  • The Oedipus Conflict is in Fathers
  • The backward self-reproduction of castration anxiety
  • Near-castration experience (NCE)
  • Bodily versus Imagined Deprivation
  • Symbolic versus partial emasculation
  • The Circumcision and Castration Complexes
  • The True Name of the Castration Complex
  • How Freud circumvented the subject of circumcision
  • Fear of castration or simply fear of sexuality?
  • The Oedipus Conflict as an Outcome of the Circumcision Syndrome
  • Psychoanalysis diverts one’s attention from circumcision
  • Psychoanalysis indirectly backs circumcision
  • Psychoanalytic doctrine as a psychological compensation of the Circumcision Syndrome
  • Psychoanalysis as a psychological defence against circumcision-caused erogenous deficiency
  • Freudian Psychology as a Psychological Projection of Circumcision
  • Mental effects of circumcision underlie the invention of psychoanalysis
  • Circumcision Neuroses
  • Neurosis/Circumcision neuroses/sexual perversions/sex discrimination
  • Circumcision Neurosis without Circumcision
  • Circumcision is not everything
  • Circumcision facilitates the castration anxiety
  • Irrationality of the Castration Complex
  • The blind spot of Freudian psychology
  • Freudian Sexualisation of Neuroses
  • The mutually annulling evidences of the Oedipus conflict
  • Normalization of the Castration Anxiety
  • Castration anxiety without father-fearing
  • Castration anxiety without mother-lusting
  • The Broad Spectrum of Circumcision Neuroses
  • Psychosocial Effects of Circumcision
  • Psychosocial Effects of Circumcision according to the Bible
  • Soul-surgery: circumcision inspires faith
  • Circumcision and obedience
  • Circumcision, ethnic stereotypes and forms of government
  • Social Utilization of Neuroses
  • Cultivation of collective neuroses
  • Collective neuroses versus social equality
  • Sub-Races of Different Pleasure Completion
  • Pedo-bioengineering
  • Greed for promises versus greed for experience
  • Boomerang conspiracy
  • Erogenous Sensitivity and Cultural Borders
  • Mode of erogenous sensitivity draws cultural borders
  • Circumcision Neuroses Provoke Anti-Semitism
  • Discrimination against circumcising ethnoses as a psychosocial defence against circumcision neuroses
  • Religious fundamentalism tries to authorize pedocircumcision neuroses
  • Freud’s castration theory of anti-Semitism touches circumcision inadequately
  • Operative Racialism
  • Pedocircumcision absolves of responsibility
  • Ignorance is guilt
  • Political vs Psychological Irresponsibility
  • No Jewish historical inferiority complex
  • Involuntary Jewish contribution to the Holocaust
  • Provocative contradictions
  • Religious Irresponsibility
  • Unpardonable self-absolution
  • True democracy is areligious
  • The Soft Genocide
  • A peacetime holocaust
  • Humanism is not a fear of differences
  • Discrimination against prepuce vs discrimination against circumcision
  • Pedocircumcision vs Social Integration
  • Psychoanalytic Theory Eases Spreading of Pedocircumcision
  • Psychoanalysis conceals the psychological impact of circumcision
  • Psychoanalytic theory increases incidence of Circumcision syndrome
  • The Religious Ethics of Psychoanalysis
  • Psychoanalysis as religion
  • Psychoanalysis spreads ancestral sin among nonbelievers
  • Freudian Criminalization of Sexuality
  • The necessary evil necessitates sin
  • Humane unhappiness?
  • Freudian criminalization of sexuality
  • The Circumcision Complex Disposes to Religious Obsessions
  • A desensitised brain is halfway in the afterlife
  • In a dark room words are things
  • Displeasure pushes to paradise: how circumcision created the Abrahamics’ world
  • Religion is the Sanity of the Circumcised
  • Lack of happiness receptors catapults into paradise
  • Religiousness of pedocircumcised proves they are sane
  • Self-seeking paradise
  • Abstract Foreskin and Reasoning
  • Falling upwards
  • Do foreskins have souls?
  • Christianity underhandedly encourages masturbation
  • Pedocircumcision and Abstract Monotheism
  • Monotheism and informational deficit
  • Monotheism as a circumcision-facilitated neurosis
  • The Uninformed Wisdom of Freudianism
  • Neuroticism in abstraction
  • Lethargic labour of intellection
  • Eroticism in Judaic Paradise
  • Passion-governed reason of pedocircumcised I: Eroticism in Judaic paradise
  • Islamic Super-orgasm
  • Passion-governed reason of pedocircumcised II: Eternal erection
  • Inexperienced bliss speaks of pleasure deficit
  • Pedocircumcision to Paedophilia
  • Why virgins?
  • Sexual desensitisation, boredom, frustration, possessiveness, paedophilia and sadomasochism
  • A Cultural Poltergeist
  • Cultivation of collective neuroses
  • Collective neuroses versus social equality
  • Artistic Fireworks
  • Religiopolitical Effects of Circumcision
  • Democracy in Polytheism
  • One-god dictatorship
  • Democracy is unnatural to circumcising nations
  • Pedocircumcision centralizes the divine power
  • Modern authority-seeking
  • Soft-skin Pluralism
  • Cannibal Gods versus Democracy: The Ambrosia Production Cycle
  • The soft-skin democracy
  • Weakness of Christianity and Democracy
  • Tolerance is sexual permissiveness: Christianity as Trojan horse of monotheism
  • Weakness of Christianity and Democracy
  • The Original Sin Neurosis
  • The sin skin: preputial rehabilitation and guilt
  • Circumcision of the Mind: The Original Sin neurosis
  • Misanthropic altruism or dependent free will
  • Crimogenic Religiousness
  • The blind alleys of fear
  • Repressive ethics facilitates crime
  • Tyrannical moralities of religion
  • Racialism in Judaism and Islam
  • Self-made racial advantages
  • Biological vs cultural diversity
  • Aposthic sub-races of antiracists?
  • Patriarchy, Polygyny and Pedocircumcision
  • Patriarchy is the democracy of pedocircumcised
  • The unfair sex chauvinism
  • Aggressiveness of Circumcising Religions
  • Legalization of Ethnic Neuroses
  • The Ethnic Science
  • Metaphorical knowledge
  • Abstract possession
  • A subconscious plot?
  • War of Minds
  • Krieg der Geister
  • The corrupting power of morality
  • Dogmatism versus pragmatism
  • Democratic religion
  • Return of ethnic censure
  • The Jewish Conspiracy
  • Warning
  • Open-minded conservatives?
  • A subconscious plot?
  • The Irrationality of Democracy
  • Conservatism of Democracy
  • Circumcision neuroses empower ethnic intolerance
  • Crimogenic Beliefs: Reverse Ethnoreligious Discrimination
  • The split morality of democracy
  • Pro-Semitic and pro-Islamic Germany
  • Unclear Moral Conscience of Democracy
  • Criminogenic indiscrimination of creeds
  • Prisoners of religious conscience
  • Evidence about the existence of the Circumcision complex
  • What If All of This Was Known Before?
  • Notable Circumcised
  • Notable Circumcised List
  • User-created List of Notable Circumcised
  • Circumcision to Terrorism
  • A Peace Mission
  • Army of Natural-Minded Freethinking Peace-Makers
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    The Circumcision Complex concept still has many things to cut through.
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    The Circumcision Complex concept still has many things to cut through.
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    This website relies on your goodwill.
    If you find it valuable,
    please support its author and developer.
    The Circumcision Complex concept still has many things to cut through.
    ponik shad
    homunculus shad
    This website relies on your goodwill.
    If you find it valuable,
    please support its author and developer.
    The Circumcision Complex concept still has many things to cut through.
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