The Unique Quality of the Foreskin Sensation

Foreskin and Foreplay

The foreskin is not only more densely populated with receptors than the rest of the penis but has a greater variety of them. This allows us to think that sexual sensation of the foreskin is not only stronger but has a different quality from the rest of the penis. We have no strict objective scientific proof of that. Plenty of evidence, however, comes from the very owners of foreskins. They assert that sensitivity of the foreskin is not just stronger but is also quite different from that of the penis glans. If you are one of them you can confirm or deny that.

Natural men describe the sensations of the foreskin as having sharpness similar to the fine sensitivity of the tip of the tongue or of the lips. Most importantly, the sensation of the foreskin is felt as distinguishably pleasurable which is not so with that of the glans. Many men report that the massage of the foreskin is so invigorating, both physically and mentally, that they feel unready to rise from bed without it. In other words, the stimulation of the foreskin is their morning gymnastics plus coffee. They describe the perception of the glans penis as considerably less distinctive than that of the foreskin. The sensation of the glans penis is pleasant only if stimulation is gentle as that produced by the friction of the wet and soft foreskin or the vagina. Otherwise, touching glans penis to almost any other dry object is felt to induce slight irritation bordering to pain and nearly unpleasant sensations. Natural men dislike bringing their glans penis into contacts with rougher and dry surfaces such as skin of the hand. They avoid direct touching of their glans when masturbating.

Naturals may feel slight pin-like pain when they touch their just uncovered glans. The pain-like sensation may leave the impression that glans is very sensitive but this is misleading. Similarly to the mucosa of the mouth that of the penis is normally wet. It is unadapted to dryness and the dry touch injures it. The acute sensation of the unhardened glans is not of erotic nature.

Prepuce is the main source of pleasure both during the sexual act and the masturbation. Its receptors are best stimulated when it unfolds on an unbending base. The glans assists in obtaining pleasure from the foreskin by presenting a semi-rigid and wet base for it to stretch upon. And the glans must be insensitive to successfully accomplish its task. It contributes to sexual sensitivity but is not the source of pleasure to naturals.

There is little doubt in natural men that the foreskin was made to produce pleasure sensation during erection. It is designed to roll over the inflexible still soft-surfaced glans and the body of the penis while increasing sexual desire, its inner part being the most sensitive one. The glans and the body of the penis constitute the pad over which the foreskin unfolds. They serve to sustain erection which conditions the enhancement of pleasure that foreskin receptors produce. The sensitivity of the glans dramatically declines with the progress of erection which proves that the glans is not the primal source of pleasure.

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