War of Minds

Krieg der Geister

Circumcision removes sensitivity. Those who are circumcised as infants do not perceive what sensitivity they lack and do not have the sense of its effects. Paedocircumcision causes insensitivity to its consequences. Only indirectly can lost sensitivity be known. The effects of a properly done paedocircumcision are as impalpable as a missing prepuce is. The subjective intangibility of circumcision and of its effects is normal. The significance of paedocircumcision evades to its subjects. The lack of alertness to paedocircumcision and to its effects is one of its trademarks. The very nature of the mental effects of paedocircumcision is such that it helps their own concealment. The reasoning and science affected by paedocircumcision are impervious to its mental effects.

Circumcision intensifies mental quests. It stimulates impatient generalizations, philosophical disposition, enhances the attractiveness of universal answers, and inspires metaphorical reasoning, mythmaking and piousness. The dislike for concreteness of the circumcision-affected mentality easily ignores details such as the foreskin. The mental aptitude for religiousness tends to avoid the discussing of religious covenants.

Besides encouraging piousness the psychological effects of paedocircumcision invigorate intuitive science, philosophy, medicine and literature. This has increased the quotas and the influence of the circumcision-stimulated science in democratic societies and led to ethnic divergence of science. The interethnic tensions spread outside religion and a War of minds (Krieg der Geister) broke out at the beginning of 19th century. In this mental combat the realistic and pragmatic Aryan science opposed the formal, dogmatic and intuitive Jewish science.

The corrupting power of morality

Cultures and cultural differences are objective realities. Their unbiased recognition can only be beneficial. There is nothing intolerant in rational investigation and disclosure of ethnic traits. Their concealment, however, is intolerant and biased for sure.

Ethnic characteristics are the spirits of cultures. They consist of beliefs, credos, customs and morals rather than of practical or personal issues. Although the ethos colours all activities it affects abstract ideas, religion, philosophy and abstract science at the most. Being more cerebral and less empirical, Jewish science is more abstract and dogmatic than the science of naturals. Being affected by neurophysiological manipulations performed by Jewish ethnos the Jewish science has a greater ethnic component than German science. The difference does not imply that Jewish science is inferior but only that it is less pragmatic.

We need a system of principles to understand concrete results. Science needs theory and facts altogether. Rational thinking requires a mutual consensus of facts and ideas. It uses both synthesis and analysis. Sensible conclusions are based on both induction and deduction.

True science is a balance of evidences and theory. It can make use of any approach. Bias occurs when factuality and ideology go separate paths and are used to abuse each other’s powers. When theories disregard or adjust facts they tend to become imprecise, overly general, dogmatic and unrealistic. When facts lack a theoretical frame they make no sense and become misleading. Objectivity is immoral whereas moral corrupts science.

Dogmatism versus pragmatism

During the 19th and beginning of the 20th century Germany was the leading scientific force in the world. German Jews had a particularly significant contribution to this. Generally, the ethnic conflict in German science resembles the conflict between science and religion. It bears the characteristic of an ethnoreligious divergence based on dissimilar perception of reality.

German approach to science is empirical and pragmatic while Jewish science tends to be cerebral, conceptual, intuitive, formal and dogmatic. At the end of the 19th century this ethnic divergence in science was noticeable. The discrepancy became most prominent in Germany due to advanced science and to the wave of nationalism in Europe. This has led to an interethnic conflict between the abstract Jewish and exact German science including physics.[i]

The character of Jewish science as compared to German science was quite objectively described then. What a shame, a century later this objectivity is inaccessible and tabooed. Objectivity about ethnic characteristics has been withdrawn from science. It has been withdrawn from medicine too. Similarly, the circumcision issue becomes more and more convoluted.

Democratic religion

During the rising of National Socialism objectivity was lost. Nazi ideology penetrated science and entirely subordinated it to its ethnic ideal. Nazi philosophy used science for its anti-Semitic ideological purposes. This further aggravated the conflict between the different scientific approaches.

The inhuman Nazi ethnic cleansing discredited not also National Socialism with its ethnic bias but also German science in general that gave way to it. The ethnic bias of German science compromised anthropology. After the World War II the fear of racial discrimination has transmuted into a fear of truth. A bias has led to its opposite extreme again due to the penetration of moral in science.

During the second half of the 20th century the racial traits were in effect tabooed for investigation. The biological anthropology[ii] which is the oldest, the most exact and pragmatic base of the “science of humanity” fell in disgrace. Instead, cultural and linguistic anthropology and archaeology were overdeveloped consequently.

Both Jewish and Nazi science are corrupted by ethnocentric ideals. Judaism and National Socialism are religiopolitical ideologies of a philosophical nature. Both use facts selectively in order to have convincing scientific proofs for their ethnocentric assertions. Thus Jewish medicine fabricated benefits of neonatal circumcision, which is a central mark of Jewish identity whilst Jewish science ignored its profound effects. Nazi science offered pseudo-scientific proof that Aryans are the actual Chosen People and mythologized their history.

Paedocircumcision has survived through the ages via the religiousness it inclines to. Nowadays it survives also with the help of the ethnoreligious overtolerance it has gained in the long run. For the time being, it has won the war of minds.

Nowadays the blind devotion to democratic principles plays the role of religiousness.

Return of ethnic censure

The nationalism in Europe during the first half of 20th century inordinately emphasized the difference in scientific approaches. It needlessly opposed Jewish to gentiles’ sciences. After the WWII the reaction of the world to the antihuman methods of applying ethnic science led to the overexpansion of Jewish science. The tide has turned and now the Jews are riding the wave of ethnic science.The ethnic bias that exterminated Jews during the Nazi era works for their benefit afterwards.

The physical suppression that German ethnic science exerted on Jews during the WWII has led to the enhancement and spread of the Judaic physical suppression of sexuality over the larger part of the population. The consequences of the Nazi Holocaust aided the dissemination of the preputial genocide after World War II.

We do not allude that we know what life is or that its worth is estimable. But we do know that the living body is composed of living cells. This allows us to make a naïve formal comparison between genocide and mass amputation in terms of the number of destroyed neurons. Seen this way the soft preputial genocide also has the upper hand.


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